AIUB HR Carnival 2014

From 16th to 20th March 2014 the AIUB Society for Human Resource Management observed the HR Carnival 2014 in collaboration with the Department of Management. This year  the Carnival focused on academic improvement of the students by organizing several seminars, talk shows, workshops and  competitions for students.  

The first day of the carnival started off  with a poster competition in the study area, where the posters were evaluated on their creativity, clarity and relevance. Ms. Farheen Hassan,Senior Assistant Professor, Department Head, Ms. Nishat Moumita, Assistant Professor and Mr. Shafeyattullah and Ms. Nusrat Haque, faculties from the Department of Management evaluated the posters. The judges appreciated the enthusiasm and creativity of the students immensely.

The second event of the first day included a  seminar titled “The Importance of HRD in Banking Sectors of Bangladesh”, where the guest speaker was Mr. Marcus C Gomes, Vice President, Human Resource Department , Mutual Trust Bank Ltd. This was a very interesting and productive seminar, as the students learnt about the importance of human resource management in the banks. A vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. A K Nazmul, Director, BBA Program. The seminar was jointly organized by Ms. Farheen Hassan, Mr. Shafeyattullah and Mr. Erfan Haque from the Department of Management.

The first day came to an end with a Workshop titled “Asrar’s 3 keys to be a superman at your work”, which was conducted by Mr. Md. Sadrul Asrar, who is the lead facilitator and CEO at Aspire Consulting. The students enjoyed the talk show as it was very motivating and students could connect instantly with the speaker who used real life scenarios as his motivational tool. The workshop was jointly organized by Mr. Mostofa Zaman and Mr. Adnan Hossain from the Department of Management.

After a break on 17th March, the second day of the Carnival took place on 18th March. This was the most eventful day of the carnival as it involved 4 seminars and talk shows, with eminent and renowned personalities from the corporate world of the Bangladesh. A sense of excitement , anticipation and some tension was visible in the faces of all the members of the AIUB Society for HRM along with the faculty advisor, Mr. Erfan Haque.

Room 161 was transformed into a “Creativity Maze” as students displayed their business plan with models.  The plans were evaluated by our Honorable Pro Vice Chancellor, Dean, School of Business, Dr. Charles C Villanueva, Ms. Farheen Hassan, Senior Assistant Professor, Head , Department of Management and two very special guests, Ms. Tootli Rahman and Ms. Sadia Moyeen. The guests were truly amazed at the creativity of the students. The business plan competition was jointly organized by Ms. Samia Shabnaz and Mr. Erfan Haque.

The first talk show of the second day was titled “Learning from our own entrepreneurs”. The two special guests were Ms. Tootli Rahman, owner “By Deshi”, renowned event manager and Ms. Sadia Moyeen, Chairman, Labelle. The talk show was hosted by Ms. Nusrat Haque and Mr. Erfan Haque from the Department of Management. Ms. Tootli Rahman’s passion for entrepreneurship and Ms. Sadia Moyeen’s commitment towards creativity mesmerized the entire auditorium. The two guests shared their thoughts on entrepreneurship, their personal journey, gave very valuable tips to the students and answered many queries of the students. Dr. Charles C Villanueva welcomed the guests and congratulated the AIUB society for HRM for organizing the carnival in such a way where the focus was on the academic side, while Ms. Farheen Hassan delivered a vote of thanks.  The talk show was organized by Ms. Farheen Hassan, Mr. Shafayettullah and Mr. Erfan Haque from the Department of Management. However, at the end of the talk show some of the female students were a little disappointed as they could not ask for any “beauty tips” from the renowned beautician.

While the students were still floating in the ark of creativity and entrepreneurship, it was time for the second seminar of the day titled “The importance of human resource management in supply chain management”. The seminar was conducted by Mr. Syed Sayed Ibne Rashed, who is the HR Manager at Rahimafrooz, Bangladesh. The seminar was jointly organized by Mr. Erfan Haque, Mr. Mostofa Jaman and Mr. Adnan Hossain.

The third talk show of the day was titled “The skills and qualities needed to succeed in today’s organizations- What are the top Bangladeshi companies looking for”. The guest for the talk show was Mr. Shamsul Arefeen, Chief Human Resource Officer at Haque Group of Industries. This was a very informative and interactive session as the speaker shared his experience and knowledge in answering many of the student’s queries. He also appreciated the organization of the HR Carnival 2014, which he believed was a very unique and practical platform for the students to learn about the ins and outs of the corporate world. The talk show was organized by Ms. Farheen Hassan and Mr. Erfan Haque and was hosted by Mr. Erfan Haque.

Then came the time for the talk show that everyone has been eagerly waiting for. The excitement in the faces of the students outshone all their tiredness of the whole day. It was the time for talk show on Women Empowerment where the guest speaker was Ms. Rubaba Dowla, Chief Service Officer at Airtel.  The only demand of the students was “we want a photograph”. The talk show was mainly aimed at the MBA Students. At 8:00pm, the talk show on Women Empowerment started with an auditorium filled to every corner. A welcome speech was delivered by Dr. Charles C Villanueva, Pro Vice Chancellor, and Dean School of Business, where he thanked the guest for her valuable presence. After a brief biography of the guest by Mr. Erfan Haque, Mr. AK Nazmul, Director of the BBA Program and Ms. Rubaba Dowla  took over the stage.

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