AIUB Gets Green Light to Teach SAP

June 4-8, 2012 AIUB SAP instructor delegates Danilo Morgia and Ed Alcanzare participated in New Delhi, India for an extensive “SAP train the trainer workshop” in the International Management Institute. The above delegates were given a crash course on the mentioned ERP modules such as:
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Production Planning
  • Materials Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resource
  • Finance, Accounting and Controlling
The training was performed through a cloud hybrid system which utilizes real live data compiled with all SAP university alliance members from over 600 institutions all over the globe and hosted in the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.

Students will be assigned various roles either as a HR manager, production officer, and sales manager and so on, which is designed to provide live experience from the data they will be building up and will be sharing with the other university alliance members.

“The problem with students getting a job is that companies require experience. Companies are hesitant on hiring a fresher because they have to invest so much time and money for training, not to mention the cost of beginner errors- the impact of wrong entry that involves supply chain or finance can be catastrophic. Companies are just not willing to risk their data to beginners. Through the program SAP is able to give first hand experience of what it is like to do a specific role. Students are able to study imitate and compare results. If they make mistakes it’s ok, they can back track and see where they went wrong and do it the right way.” says Ed Alcanzare.

The first batch of SAP coming out of the University Alliance (first in the country) is projected to start mid- July,2012. MBA and EMBA students are highly encouraged to apply for admission.

“We are flooded by the amount of inquiries on the program and would like to limit to the number of students to come up with a solid first batch so we will have to do a screening process. Interviews will be held  from June 18 to 22.”