History has been passed down from one generation to another through stories. Stories of war, of royalty, of honor, of love, of a just cause. And over time, the stories went from scriptures to stages, and eventually onto strips of film. Films are now a source of entertainment, but in many ways, it has also evolved into a platform to send strong social messages and raise awareness. And the AIUB Film Club (AFC) does both.

AFC creates incredible pieces of motion art that span across a broad spectrum of social welfare, political satires, lighthearted comedies, along with documentaries and promotional videos for various programs held by the university. Besides organization their own film shows and festivals, AFC also participates in external events, showcasing the projects they’ve worked on and developed as a club. One such collaboration was done for the Star-UIU Documentary Festival 2017, a joint initiative by the Star Cineplex and the United International University, themed on the “Education System of Bangladesh”.

The festival received overwhelming response from a number of established institutions besides UIU and AIUB, like Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, Independent University Bangladesh, East West University, BRAC University, University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh, Military Institute of Science & Technology, and several others. Each submitted documentary was impressively written and directed, evident from the applause they received from the audience at the Finale held on March 18, 2017. And standing out from amidst the crowd of 15 documentaries, AFC secured the top 2 positions at the festival. Directed by Toki Islam, the documentary titled “Evolution of Education in Bangladesh” won the 1st Place, followed by one titled, “Alo Jolbei”, directed by Md. Kawser Amin Shuvro, as the 1st Runner Up. The dexterity and finesse of such young talents have always been an inspiration to everyone to strive for greater heights and pursue their passion, and it gives AIUB great pride to celebrate this achievement and many more in the years to come. 


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