AIUB Economics Day, 2013

Economics -- the skill for living and earning a living -- prompted the economics department to organize an economics day at AIUB on April 15, 2013. Students of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) were filled with enthusiasm and found it an occasion to celebrate. Students, Faculties and administrative officials worked together to make the event successful. Both Campuses 7, 1, and 5 were ornamented with vibrant colors giving a positive vibe and high expectations for the program. The end of the day brought enormous knowledge to all. Inaugurated by the honorable Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, the opening ceremony was also graced by the presence of Dr. Tazul Islam, Dean, FASS and Dr. Charles C Villanueva, Dean, Faculty of Business Administration [FBA], Dr. Ahmed Neaz, director MPH Program, Dr. Faheem Hasan, Head, Department of English, Dr. A.B.M. Rahmatullah and many other faculty members and students. The carnival took off with the cutting of the ribbon and a special cake prepared for the occasion followed by the release of white pigeons as a symbol of peace. The celebration started with a rally from campus 7 via Kemal Ataturk Avenue, lighting up the streets, surroundings and AIUB campuses livened with band music, zeal of students and faculties together. Competitions, Talk Shows, Workshops, and more… The event was full of various activities, ranging from contests to discussions. The Poster Competition under the theme ‘why study economics’ took place in the seminar room of campus 7, participated by the current microeconomics course students.  Faculties of the micro economics course selected the best posters to be presented in the seminar room of campus 7. Dr. A.B.M. Rahmatullah, Dr. Faheem Hasan and Dr. Ferdous Alam judged the poster competition and came up with three winners from three microeconomic sections.

Current macroeconomics classes participated in the economics quiz. Respective teachers conducted the early stages of the competition in their class rooms. The finals were held in the campus 7. It was a tight competition, where the winner was ahead of the second by just one correct answer. The participants stated that it was an exciting and knowledgeable experience.

The third event of the day long program was debate, participated by the students of economic geography. The topic was ‘globalization ensures global development’, and was fiercely contested between two groups of three debtors each. Both the teams argued strongly on their views finally the Opposing team won the hearts and minds of all the judges.  Dr. Ahmed Neaz and Dr. Ferdous Alam were among the panel of judges. Millennium development goals, work hazards in the life of females, human development index were top themes of the poster presentation competition. Economics students impressed Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, with their conversant and informative presentations. Dr. Villanueva was among the panel of judges along with Dr. Ehsanul Huda  Chowdhury and  Mr. A. K. Nazmul. The highlight of ‘Economics Day’ was the talk show with Khondokar Ibrahim Khalid, former deputy governor, Bangladesh Bank and Md. Yasin Ali, former managing director, Dutch- Bangla Bank Ltd. The show to a great extent enhanced the knowledge of the students regarding economics and its importance in the competitive business world. Both guests are current practitioners of economics theory in the real world. They responded with insights to inform the audience of the importance of economics in doing business.  Khondokar Ibrahim Khalid, current chairman of Bangladesh Krishi Bank, advised students to have both practical and academic knowledge to be competitive in the job market. Md. Yasin Ali current chairman of House Building Finance Corporation said that the students of economics already have a competitive edge in the job market as they always have sound idea about the overall economy of the country. The ‘Economics Day’ program ended with a prize giving ceremony and a cultural program. The prize giving ceremony was graced by the presence of   Dr. Tazul Islam, Dr. Charles C Villanueva, and Dr. Ahmed Neaz who gave away the prizes and certificates to the winners. To close the ceremony Dr. Tazul Islam delivered the ending note which inspired both students and faculties to look for new horizons. The cultural program included drama, dance, fashion show and band music performances with the participation of students of economics and APAC members. In conclusion the program achieved its target of promoting economics as a subject to the all students of AIUB.  It built a positive image of the department in the university which will help the department of Economics to accomplish its goals in future. Mr. Rezwanul H Rana, faculty, department of Economics coordinated the program along with Mr. R. Hasmi, Ms. F. Rafik, Ms. J . Hossain and  Dr. F.  Alam. The program also had a lot of support from students of the department specially the participants and volunteers. Last but not the least, special thanks goes to our sponsor Prime Bank who helped the program with valuable resources, along with the Dean of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, managements and officials of AIUB who deserve a lot of credit for the success of the event.
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