The American International University-Bangladesh is one of the 13 public and private universities in the Group A selected by UGC to establish an Institution Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). Today, 12 February was the launching of this pioneering action through an Orientation Workshop participated in by the key officials of AIUB  who are members of the following committees created to provide leadership and support to the operation of the AIUB-IQAC: The Quality Assurance Committee(QAC) will serve as an institutional oversight to settle issues on the operation of the IQAC in the university. It is Chaired by the Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, Vice Chancellor with 12 other members. The Self-Assessment Committees (SAC) consist of 9 committees representing the 9 program entities such as FBA, EEE, BArch, MMC, English Economics, CS, COE and MPH  identified by the UGC-QAU  with 3 members each committee. Each SAC has selected 3-5 senior faculty to provide technical assistance  in its assessment task. The Technical Evaluation Committee composed of 4 members who will undertake technical evaluation of the equipment, works, materials, IT products, services  and other operation activities. The AIUB-IQAC Team is Chaired by the Pro Vice Chancellor as the Director  composed of 8 regular members. The Orientation Workshop is vital to the IQAC operation and deemed necessary for better understanding and appreciation of the committee members who are expected to carry out the varying tasks related to quality assurance. The working pillars in the establishment of IQAC in the universities initiated by University Grants Commission under the HEQEC-World Bank Funded Project were present to serve as resource persons during the Orientation Workshop, namely: Prof. Dr. Mesbahuddin Ahmed, Head, UGC QAU who talked about the need for Quality Assurance in Higher Education; Prof. Dr. S.M. Kabir, QA Specialist who discussed on the overview of establishing IQAC; and Prof. Dr. Sanjoy Kumar Adhikary, QA Specialist who elaborated on the self-assessment process of academic programs. In view of their valuable participation and contribution to the orientation workshop,  AIUB presented each one of them a Certificate of Appreciation and souvenir gifts. The  Deputy Director of QAU, Mr. Md. Aminul Hoque was also present in the orientation while Prof. Dr. Md. Kamrul Alam Khan, Director of IQAC of Jagannath University was an observer. All the participants in the first part of the program were warmly welcomed by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna while Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva presented to the participants the members of the different committees for recognition. The Voter of Thanks was expressed by Dr. Ramatullah. Ms. Farheen Hassan was the EMCEE of the entire program. The second part of the Orientation Workshop  was a Technical Session participated in by the 9 SAC Members of FBA, EEE and BArch headed  by Mr. Zakaria Masud, Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan and Mr. Arefeen Ibrahim, respectively. The session was conducted by the Director of AIUB_IQAC, Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva who discussed in detail the self-assessment criteria and standard. Two Additional Directors, Dr.ABM Ramatullah discussed the budget of each program entity and the  procurement procedures to be followed in the utilization of the funds while Mr. Farheen Hassan described the different tools to be used to generate data and information for the assessment. The Orientation Workshop ended with an ardent hope that the QA activities in AIUB will be carried out with much commitment and success with the AIUB-IQAC on the lead, the vanguard of quality and excellence. PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT7 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT9 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT12 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT13 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT1 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT2 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT3 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT4 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT5 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT6 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT8 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT10 PROGRAM LEVEL SELF-ASSESSMENT11