AIUB business plan competition in-house mentoring program 2013-14

  • Read if you are the student of AIUB, Faculty of Business Administration
    • You are the student of AIUB FBA (first to second last semester).
    • You want us to help you to be the winner of any in-house and inter-university Business plan/case competition.
    • You want to participate in any inter-university competitions.
    • You want to know your potentials and improvement areas to be ready for future challenges.
    • You want to represent AIUB nationally and internationally.
    The factors that we are prioritizing are the following:
    • Communication Skills: Fluency /Clarity/completeness  in speaking, Active Listening
    • Level of understanding of any business case/ task/situation/example/question
    • Logical Argumentation/sequencing of the speech or any point or idea
    • Analytical Ability
    • Problem solving and decision making ability
    • Team approach and acceptance
    • Leadership Skills
    • Time Management Skills
    • Creativity and innovation
    • Appearance:   Present- ability /Gesture/ Posture/ smartness/Get-up
    • Past experience in participating any competition (added).
    • Updated about national & global business world.
    If you think you possess these qualities, or to help us identify your potentials, submit your details by 10th November 2013 to the Director, BBA Program. To get registered fill the information below and submit to the office of Director, BBA Program. ‘AIUB business plan competition in-house mentoring program 2013-14’





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