Students who are enjoying academic scholarship/ waiver/ discount, please note the followings:
In Summer 2019-20, 20% waiver is applicable to all students in view of the current pandemic situation. In case of students 
        who are enjoying academic scholarship/ waiver/ discount; the higher percentage will be applicable.
All verification of their eligibility and account adjustment of the eligible students will be done in the 6th Week of 
        Summer 2019-20. Continuation of Scholarship/ discount/ waiver will be subject to fulfillment of the requirements as per 
        university policy and will be finalized in 6th week of Summer 2019-20.
Students are advised to validate their registration by depositing the 1st installment within the given deadline. In case if 
        the 1st installment amount requires to be adjusted based on their existing percentage of scholarship/ discount/ waiver, 
        students are advised to contact the Accounts Department in the following:
        o Contact Number: 01844515907 (From 10 AM – 4 PM on Weekdays)
        o Email Address: