Students who are enjoying academic scholarship/ waiver/ discount, please note the followings:


• In Fall semester 2020-21, 15% waiver (only on Tuition Fee and Laboratory Fee) is applicable to all students in view of the current pandemic situation. In case of students who are enjoying academic scholarship/ waiver/ discount; the higher percentage is applicable.


• All verification of their eligibility and account adjustment of the eligible students will be done in the 6th Week of Fall 2020-21. Continuation of Scholarship/ discount/ waiver will be subject to fulfillment of the requirements as per university policy and will be finalized in 6th week of Fall 2020-21.


• For any query regarding the update/ adjustment of Scholarship/ discount/ waiver, students are advised to contact the Accounts Department in the following:

        o Contact Number [ONLY for query regarding update of Scholarship/ discount/ waiver]: 01844515907 
          (From 10 AM – 4 PM on Weekdays)

        o Email Address: