On 19th October 2015, AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) organized a workshop titled “PLC & Automation” being presented by Integrated Engineering & Compliance Solution (IECS) Bangladesh at Room No.266, Building-2, American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB). IECS BD is an entrepreneur institution that has been developed for hand-on training on demo unit to provide an extensive understanding on industrial measurement and control system for engineers and technicians. In recent years, most of the industrial machines are automated and controlled by Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The purpose of the workshop was to show the students how PLC works and how it can be used in industry applications. Mr. Md. Shoaib Sani (Automation Engineer, Application and Hardware Specialist, IECS BD), Mr. Md. Hafizur Rahman (Automation Engineer, Application & software specialists, IECS BD) and Mr. Md. Zahedul Talukdar (Assistant Engineer, Instrumentation & Electrical Specialist, IECS BD) were the guest instructors who conducted the workshop.

Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman (Director & Associate professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) delivered the opening speech in which he shed light on the importance of PLC for Automation as well as for engineering students for their practical work. Mr. Md. Shoaib Sani talked about pressure measurements, liquid measurements, industrial control etc. He discussed about types of PLC controller and related protocols. Then the structure of automation instruments were displayed as well as the working principles of those instruments was explained to the students by Mr. Md. Hafizur Rahman and Mr. Md. Zahedul Talukdar. Then the instructors demonstrated the PLC programming and integrated the PLC into a system of their own.

Mr. Rinku Basak (Head, Graduate program, Department of EEE, AIUB), Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Head, Undergraduate program, Department of EEE, AIUB) and Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, AIUB) handed over the gifts to the speakers. Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Assistant Professor, Department of EEE, Special Assistant, OSA, AIUB & Mentor, ACES) and Mr. Syed Muhammad Baker (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB, & Motivator, ACES) provided the certificates to participants. Ms. Shahreen Hassan (Lecturer, Department of EEE, AIUB & Motivator, ACES) graced the workshop with her presence. At the end, Mr. Rinku Basak delivered his concluding speech about control systems, PLC and inspired students to enrich their skills in practical works. The effective workshop came to an end with a vote of thanks to the instructors and AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES).

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