Recent events have caused many higher education institutions to further prioritize digital transformation. Therefore, faculty need engaging multimedia content, activities, and assessments that work well in an online environment. Such content leads to a more engaged student, improved learning outcomes, and improved student retention. Aware of this challenge, a Webinar organized by ACBSP, AIUB’s partner in promoting quality business education worldwide. It was a well attended event with participants all over the globe including our enthusiastic faculty numbering more than 60. The Topic of the Webinar facilitated by Peregrine Global Service is HOW ENGAGING COURSE CONTENT CAN LEAD TO BETTER LEARNING OUTCOMES AND IMPROVED STUDENT RETENTION. Ms. Christine Perry was the Resource Person who focused her discussion of the following subtopics accompanied by some slides: Universal Layout-Best Practices, Best Practices for Interaction, Best Practices for Content and Industry, Content that Engages, Leading Edge Learning: Competency-Based Modules-Content that Engages, Career Readiness Competencies, and Enhancing Student Experience. The one hour event provides valuable insights and concrete example illustrations. In this interactive webinar, various options for engaging your students online were discussed. This one improvement in the online student experience can ensure student success.

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