Faculty of Business Administration, AIUB has arranged a Webinar on  'Bringing Microbiology and Public Health under one Umbrella: Breaking Barriers' that held on Sunday, 20 September 2020 at 4:00 pm. Dr. Samir Kumar Saha (Professor, Microbiology, Head, Diagnostic Division, Bangladesh Institute of Child Health, Dhaka Shishu Hospital) and Dr. Senjuti Saha (Scientist, Child Health Research Foundation, Bangladesh) were the Resource Speaker on the topic.  A webinar started with the participants of Faculty members, Students of AIUB on the online platform of Zoom. Ms. Yesmin Sultana, Sr. Assistant Professor, Dept. of Marketing, FBA, AIUB coordinated the webinar.

Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva (Vice President, Academics and Dean, Faculty of Business, AIUB) inaugurated the webinar by acknowledging the importance of Scientists, Researchers and Government’s role in helping to cope up with the situation due to the pandemic COVID-19. He mentioned that practices and strategies, the other developing countries are following to address this pandemic situation and welcomed the speakers for their participation in the webinar.

During the speech, Dr. Samir Shaha mentioned that the core mission of CHRF, how to improve child health in Bangladesh and the regions, by facilitating appropriate policy decisions on treatment and preventions through research and advocacy. He has also mentioned how a sustainable model works for conducting high-­­quality research on infectious diseases in low-resource settings, particularly in a pandemic situation of SARS-Covid 19.

The another speaker Dr. Senjuti Saha, Scientist, Child Health Research Foundation, Bangladesh, shared her experience on leading decoding Genome of SARS-CoV2. She outlined that she and her organization believes that everyone across the world should have equal access to the practice and benefits of science. She further underscored that resilience and adaptability among Bangladeshis are high and it will help better in facing the challenges that beset the country. She also mentioned regrading Vaccination for different viral diseases and how BD can cope up with the present Covid-19 situation.

The webinar came to its end with a question answer session where the participants presented their queries. The resource speakers attended to the queries of the MPH students and other Faculty members. Lastly, Ms. Farheen Hassan (Associate Professor, Director BBA program, FBA; and Additional Director, IQAC-AIUB) conveyed her closing note and thus thanked the resource speakers and AIUB Management for arranging the webinar.

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