The Department of Media and Mass Communication (MMC) undertook a study tour on June 25, 2014 to the Bangladesh Parliament, Dhaka. The purpose of the visit is to understand that while the public relies on the news media as a source of information about politics; politicians also depend on the press, both in elections and in governing. The news media and our politicians have a relationship that is less than harmonious. They are, in a very real sense, in competition with each other, and this tension is not new. Through this visit students of Media and Politics course can understand the evolution of media-politician relations in Bangladesh has been a two-step process. First, politicians became more dependent on the press as the political parties weakened. Then, as politicians tried to use the press for their own benefit, journalists responded by more aggressively defending their status as watchdogs of democracy. On arrival teacher and students were greeted by Parliamentary Research team and then the students were taken to the library and visited other facilities of the parliament. Students were demonstrated the working principle of budget session and question-answer session of the parliament. The tour was organized for the students of Media and Politics course and arranged by the course teacher Ms Farhana Afroz, accompanied 16 enthusiastic students in the tour.