JUNE 3-6 2011, Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey. The Vice Chancellor participated in the 2nd Eurasian Silk Road Universities Convention (ESCRUC) organized and hosted by Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey from June 3-6, 2011. The theme was “Building Bridges in Higher Education: Seeking for a Eurasian Model and Developing ESRUC Consortium”. The ESRUC is a significant international conference on higher education. The event provided a unique opportunity for university presidents/rectors/vice chancellor for sharing experiences, which serves as valuable guidelines in higher education issues in various countries. The VC presented a paper on “Building Bridges in Higher Education: Partnerships and Cooperation”. The paper is about cooperation and partnership, about creating conditions that can bring together persons from different backgrounds and affiliations and through them, their departments, institutions, or companies. The conditions that can facilitate new and innovative combinations of disciplinary knowledge and specialists, and that facilitate transfer from universities to the private sector, from the industrialized world to the developing countries werel also discussed. She also planted a tree for AIUB in the Ataturk University’s thematic garden. A “Memorandum of Understanding” was signed between the 2 universities, which will encourage an exchange of students, faculty members and to develop joint activities/projects/researches.